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Patient Services


Routine health checks ensure your body is performing as it should. We are able to test a wide variety of measurements and give you insight into your current lifestyle.


Repeat prescriptions are available for patients on regular medications and in a stable condition. Please allow 24 hours for processing. An annual review is also required.


Travelling can cause unexpected health issues. We offer various vaccines, medical kits and consults to ensure you’re well prepared on any overseas adventure.

Minor Surgery

We can complete minor surgeries for simple lumps, bumps and skin cancers. We are also able to provide nitrogen cryotherapy.


We are able to refer you to various services within the New Zealand health system. This is completed on a case-by-case basis.


We offer all childhood vaccines under the New Zealand immunisation schedule. We can also provide seasonal vaccines.

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Dr. Timothy Bevin

General Practitioner

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General Practitioner

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General Practitioner

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General Practitioner

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General Practitioner

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Practice Manager